SAM Challenging Cases: 2018 Annual Meeting

SAM Challenging Cases: 2018 Annual Meeting 2018-02-01T10:29:44+00:00



SAM is proud to announce the call for Case Reports to be submitted for the new ‘Challenging Cases’ Panel session, during the 2018 SAM Annual Meeting in Chicago. Case report abstracts, indicated by the submitter as particularly challenging and high-yield for learning, will undergo review and judging by the SAM Abstract Committee. Individuals with the Top 5 Challenging Reports will be invited to present their cases to an expert panel during Session 10 on Sunday, September 16th. Those containing elucidatory images and/or video* are encouraged and will be preferentially considered.

SAM is seeking case reports that make an important teaching point or scientific observation in airway management. This often includes description of novel approaches, airway management techniques, use of equipment, and new or instructive information.

Case reports have introduced new paradigms, increased awareness of clinicians to complications, and have likely saved countless lives. They have also sparked ideas for clinical studies. The SAM Board of Directors acknowledges the contributions of challenging cases in the past by our members to advance our discipline. As a result, we encourage you to submit a challenging reports for consideration for our Annual Meeting in Chicago!

*Cases containing images and/or video must include a statement that the patient, family, or responsible Institutional Review Board gave written permission to publish the case.

To submit your challenging case, please visit: